Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20

Jeremy woke up this morning and his heart rate went from 80 to 160. He had a restless night and today wasn't much better. My feeling was that he was trying to accomplish the tasks we had suggested to him yesterday. He tries so hard at times he forget to take a break. Yesterday I told him it would be easier to turn on the TV if he just pointed his finger. Around 2:00 today, he finally figured it out. The doctor was on one side of the bed and I was on the other. I looked down, and he was pointing his finger. I was so happy, I think the doctor thought I was crazy. But when we asked him to do it again, he did.

They were going to sit him up in the chair this morning but when I got to the hospital around noon he was still in bed. They told me he was in a bad mood. We finally got him in the chair around 1:00 and he was so agitated we only left him in the chair for about an hour today.

Fever ran around 100 today. Up, down, Up down.

He developed quite a nasty heat rash under the blood pressure cuff that they left on all the time. So we decided they can put it on and off each time they want to take his pressure.

Thank you for your prayers.

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  1. Pointing and turning on the TV, huh? Cool. Almost ready for a party it sounds like!


    Joyce @ Lucky Peak


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