Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3

Jeremy had a very good day today. As soon as we got to the hospital this morning we turned on the lights and started talking to him (poor Jeremy). It took him a little while to go from the "I just woke up" look to the "following people around the room" look. We turned on the TV (Food Network) for awhile. Sometimes, we had the sound on; other times, we just had the picture on. He watched! The nurses were very pleased with his progress today.

His vitals did spike again today about 5 p.m., and we pointed out to the nurse that it had done the same thing the last few days about the same time. I asked if it might be because he was tired. She didn't think so, but though she would study his meds and see if something like that may have to do with the consistent spike time. They left him alone (no medication) and it went down.

They found one source of infection - the pic line (IV) - so they removed that for now. It will take another day or so to get the exact type of germ so they can give him the exact antibiotic to treat it. Right now they have brought out the big guns of antibiotics. They will adjust that if necessary.

Thank God for answers to prayer.


  1. Don and Kathy MundyJuly 3, 2009 at 11:18 PM

    Jeremy we are praying for you and your family we wish we could see you more. We are continuing our prayers for you.
    Don and Kathy Mundy

  2. Jeremy,
    It's the wee hours of July 4th! I am sending you some early fireworks as a sign of a great day ahead for you. I wish you could be out on the lake with us today, it is going to be very warm and busy. You would enjoy it!

    Hugs, Joyce @ Lucky Peak

  3. Jeremy,
    It is so great to hear you are making progress, I know it is sometimes hard and takes time but we are all here prayings and waiting as long as we have to just to see your smiling face. I think about you everyday and pray that soon you will show Mom and Dad and the rest of us that you have just be resting to heal...



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