Thursday, July 2, 2009

Evening Post

Jeremy was awake for most of the afternoon. (awake as for as his eyes were open). He still coughs a lot - but he works through it. So I talked to the neurosurgeons (here and Yakima), and they both concur that we need to wake Jeremy up. Today we started something new. When his eyes are open we'll have the light on in his room, have short visits and do some of his PT work and talk with him more. We'll try this and see what happens. VERY slowly we may introduce visitors - the Docs say you never know who might trigger a response. Please call first - (Debi's cell is 208-871-6047 - use sparingly). We continue to pray for Jeremy and it would seem that he keeps taking steps forward and although there baby steps they are steps. He has not, to this point, taken a step backwards perhaps to the side but not back. So we rejoice in that and take comfort in his healing progress. That was today - tomorrow is another day and we take them one at a time. We take all your prayers and well wishes because they make each day easier!!!! Thank you.

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