Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30

I was met in the hall on the way into the hospital today by the social worker assigned to Jeremy's case. She told me that the insurance company has done a complete turn around as far as Jeremy's care is concerned. I don't know if someone talked to them or if it was 100% a God thing but they now want to know about the rehab places that will be available to Jeremy. There are 2 in the area. They wanted to know which one would be best for Jeremy, and they are looking into it even as we speak. She did say she would not hear from her before next Tuesday (it's the day they talk). The consensus is that the Elk's Rehab might be the best place for Jeremy, but we are not sure if he is ready healthwise to move there yet. They are going to start the assessment process.

They have also asked speech therapy to come in and assess Jeremy. They want to do things like test his swallow reflex. This is the next step in the process to get the trach removed and then the feeding tube. We still have a long way to go, but today was a good day. We are very encouraged by this.

Thank you for your part in Jeremy's recovery!

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