Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31

Jeremy had another first today. They decided to put him on the tilt table. They lay you flat on this table that you are strapped securely to! There are 2 main objectives to this for Jeremy. First is to strengthen his ankles and make sure they are in the correct position to hold his weight. Remember he has not had any weight on them for 2 months. The second is to get him used to standing or being in the upright position. They raised him to 25% for about 10 minutes. They monitored his vital signs they whole time and they were fine. I guess a lot of times people's vitals drop when they get them up like that. Jeremy's did not! The Physical therapist was thrilled with the position of Jeremy's ankles (although at this point the only thing that touches the bottom of the tilt table is his tiptoes) and how well he handled being up like that. He thinks if they put him on the tilt table every day next week they will be ready. Remember this is the point of the botox that they put in his ankles and lower leg a couple of weeks ago. After they get them in the correct position they "cast" or put braces or something like that until his legs build up enough muscle to hold his weight. (At least I think that's the plan and objective).
We meet with the people from one of the Rehab places on Monday afternoon. Keep that in your prayers, please.

Thank you for your continued support!

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