Friday, July 24, 2009

Juy 24

Today was a very busy day for Jeremy. It started early, he was transported by ambulance to St. Al's(a hospital about 5 miles from the place Jeremy's at). He arrived for his MRI at 9am and returned by noon. Yes it did take longer than expected. They had to sedate Jeremy to be able to do the MRI so he slept for awhile after they got him back to his room. After he got back to the room one of the nurses thought he was in pain so she gave him some pain med and he went to sleep again.

They did get the result back from the MRI and we will let you know what they are as soon as we get them translated into English. The doctor even explained them to my sister who is a nurse and we still didn't understand. I can't even say some of the words let alone know what they mean! We will find out and let you know. We are anxious to know if they can tell us if parts of the brain that control speech or memory for instance we damaged.

The Dietitian came in today and we mentioned that Jeremy continues to loose weight(192 from around 212). They plan to increase his calorie intake. About 2 weeks ago when he got one of his infections they cut his calorie intake in 1/2. Then they started to increase it again slowly. Now they are increasing it again. Part of the weight lose is muscle but we want to make sure they stay on top of it.

In the afternoon it was up in the wheelchair again for several hours and we took him for a walk around the halls again. At least he is getting to see something other than his 4 walls. Although part of the time he was in the chair he just slept. He did a lot of that today!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

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