Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23

This morning they got Jeremy up in the chair and he went for a ride OUTSIDE. Oh, the things we take for granted! This is the first time he has been outside since the accident, except for on his way to an ambulance or life flight. We reintroduced him to the fresh air. He did pretty good. It was a short trip but it's forward movement.

When we got back to his room, the X-ray technician was waiting for him to get the hip/thigh image - flat in the bed. So back to bed for Jeremy. We did get him up again later in the afternoon, and Eric (brother) and Aunt Julie took him for a ride around the floor.

They are hoping that his ankles will get to the point where they can move freely. That's what the Botox treatments are for. Right now, his ankles are so locked, they can't move! He needs more freedom of movement so that the PT can get him on a tilting table. Because Jeremy has been in bed for so long, he might be dizzy when they eventually try to stand him up. The tilting table is used to retrain his vessels to narrow and widen properly in preparation for him to stand someday. What a day that will be!

Thank you for your prayers.


  1. it's great to see a picture of jeremy recently! i'm so happy to hear that jeremy is recognizing pictures, turning the tv on, and learning to use his hands for things. that's what it's been like for me too. i've had to relearn the most basic things. i'm just glad to hear he's improving a little at a time.

  2. Amen! I am so proud of him! -Kellie

  3. Sounds like you are making progress Jeremy. God is surely watching over you. You have a wonderful strong family behind you with many prayers going up to our Heavenly Father in your behalf. My prayers are always with you. We had prayer last sabbath again for you in church. God bless and keep up the fight and your faith.
    Debbie Moseanko


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