Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 22

I think we may be one step closer to getting more answers. During Jeremy's physical therapy session today, the therapist was trying to bend his left leg and it was locked in place, he wouldn't move it (or couldn't). She felt the muscles around his hip and found a "hot spot". She is concerned that he may have sustained an injury that may have been missed earlier. This is very typical of accidents like Jeremy's. Other things can show up later. On Friday, he will go to St. Al's and have an X-ray and an MRI (for follow-up on his brain).

They continue to give him pain medication in an effort to alleviate his discomfort and help lessen his posturing. They are also increasing his muscle relaxing medication. They are trying to find that balance between relaxing the muscles and not putting him to sleep. So far we have not achieved that balance. The pain medication does seem to working in the fact that his is not as agitated and tense. They continue to work on that balance.

Jeremy continues to make small strides forward. He is getting better at attempting to do things we ask him to do. Aunt Julie asked him to drop the ball in her hand today and in time he accomplished that goal. He is having to relearn even the simplest of tasks. We are very optimistic of the about his recovery. Patience is the word of the year!!!

Thank you for your large part in his recovery-PRAYER

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