Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13

Today, I (Aunt Linda) have the pleasure of giving the update. Upon arrival this afternoon, Jeremy was enjoying a ride around the hospital in his "chair". The weather was perfect with a nice cool breeze, so he enjoyed 2 trips around the facilities.

The social worker expressed some concern about Jeremy being 'ready' to go to St. Al's. There hasn't been enough progress. Well....... I guess that is all in the eye of the beholder. If some of the professionals would spend a bit more time watching him....... they would see more of the progress. Yes they are baby steps, but definitely progress. Today, I got to look into Jeremy's eyes. I saw him confused, and flustered, yet I saw him express satisfaction as he completed a task we assigned to him 10 minutes earlier. OK, maybe I'm the eternal optimist, but I know what I saw was progress, not just a random act of luck. Jeremy was enjoying ice chips today........ He had NO difficulty chewing and swallowing them. Though we are encouraged by the little things we see as progress, we also realize those that only pop in and out briefly will not take the time to see the progress. Our quest while I am here is to attempt to help Jeremy make some of his "sounds" into words. He is soooooooooo close to saying "MOM" or "ICE". He appears to be listening intently as I repeat the words over and over. He is trying!!!!!!!!! It is so GREAT to be here spending time with him...... Oh and my other family too.

Thank you for your prayers!
Aunt Linda

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  1. This is so encouraging to read. I am coming next week! For work, I will be there Thursday and Friday. Please tell Jeremy I can't wait to see him! Love, Kellie


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