Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14

Jeremy had a fairly good day today for the most part. He did have an elevated temp this morning but by 9 (after Tylenol) his temp was normal.

They got him up on the tilt table again today. The results were a little disappointing. His muscles are so stiff. Next week when he gets to St Al's they have their work cut out!

Dr. Greenwold is back from her vacation (3 weeks). I asked her what she thought and she indicated that she was hoping that Jeremy would be "more awake". It's all right there under the surface just waiting to come out. She decided to adjust some of Jeremy's medications in anticipation of him being moved to St Al's next week. She said that she talked to someone over at Al's and they have plans for Jeremy already. We can hardly wait! The latest word is possibly Tuesday for the transfer. Again - this is for a 2 week trial!?! Jeremy has to make enough progress for them to decide to keep him. Keep praying!!! PLEASE!

Visitors may or may not be limited. He will be doing more therapy-at least 3 hours of per day. Not all at once, maybe 3 one hour sessions or 6 1/2 hour sessions. It all depends on how Jeremy handles it. They have told us that all his attention must be on that therapy and we may be asked to step out if we distract him from accomplishing a goal.

Thank you for your prayers.

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