Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26

Our family conference was very informative today!

The doctor was the first one to talk. The MRI report was a total surprise to him. The results - a torn muscle on the backside of Jeremy's left leg. Probably brought on by aggressive physical therapy. They are putting ice on it, ibuprofen and wrapping it. They called in a specialist who will come look at it tomorrow. He also said that they want to try something new for Jeremy's tone and muscle tightness. They may put a pump in his spinal cord to pump the muscle relaxer. It's a more direct way to administer it.

Physical therapy said that they have been working on Jeremy to decrease his tone and tightness in his muscles. It is a challenge because of the spasms and tone. They are hoping that the pump the doctor talked about will help.

Speech therapy was encouraging about Jeremy's progress. Imagine that the 1st thing to improve is connected to his ability to eat! They are doing the official swallow test tomorrow (the one with the blue dye).

They did mention again "skilled nursing homes" but we are prayerful that Jeremy's recovery will improve enough to hold that off.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support

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