Friday, August 7, 2009

August 7

We went and visited St Al's today and they have a good rehab program there. The social worker there said the main doctor was going on vacation next week so they would like to wait until the following Monday to admit him. The social workers from the hospitals will talk to the insurance company and we will see what happens. One way or another Jeremy will probably move to a rehab hospital sometime between Aug 10 and 17. From what we have heard the doctor over at St Al's is the best! People at Elks agree. Pray and we will let you know where the Lord sends Jeremy. God is much better at this than we are.

I gave Jeremy a piece of ice today and he chewed it up and swallowed it. So I mentioned it to the doctor and he said he would ask speech therapy to do another swallow test. There's is more official than my simple "he can chew and swallow ice". I was excited at that but I will let you know the official word. I am not exactly sure what Jeremy weighed when this started (his drivers license says 220) but he weights 192 now. He is still on tube feedings that run 24 hours a day. He needs to start eating ice cream & pizza again!!!

He was up on the tilt table again today and made it to 65%. Remember 90% is upright and 65% is pretty high. His feet are almost flat.

Thank you for you prayers and support!

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  1. You have all gone through so much and for sure have grown in faith. My prayers are continually with Jeremy and your family. I will pray for Gods leading in the decision where he will go for further treatment. God bless you all and give you strength. Happy Sabbath.

    Debbie Moseanko


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