Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9

Jeremy had a really rough day today. His vital signs went up again today. He hasn't really had a day like this since he left ICU. They are still monitoring his heart rate by way of a wireless monitor, the one they thought they would leave on for our sake for 24-48 hours. Today the monitor tech came down or sent someone down several times to see what he was doing!? At 6 am they gave him something for his high heart rate, and he slept. At around 10 am when he woke up, and he instantly got agitated again. Then they gave him something for pain, and he slept. At around 2 pm, he woke up and was agitated again so they tried Tylenol and he slept. At 6 pm, he woke up and we started all over again. He's doing the sweating thing again also. WHAT A DAY!

The doctor came in around 6 pm and he said he was going to start checking for an infection again. They will do blood tests and start culturing everything - AGAIN. Something is obviously wrong so they will start looking.

Jeremy is more and more aware of himself and his surroundings, and we are sure he is upset, confused and sometimes angry by all of this. That is good and yet it's hard to watch. If only he could talk to us!

Thank you for your prayers!

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