Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14

Jeremy is doing GREAT today! The doctors, therapists, and nurses are all very impressed. Jeremy is much more interactive today than he has been before. He is laughing all the time today. His new thing is punching! Yes, he is actually lifting up his arms and punching his mom's hands. He gets this serious look on his face and then when they stop he laughs and laughs. It is SO good to hear him laugh a lot! There will be some new pictures up today of him smiling and laughing.

Physical Therapy today was quite exhausting for Jeremy. He was sitting with some help on the table with his knees bent and his feet were on the ground except for his heels which were just a few inches away. Jeremy is starting to let you know if something hurts. He lifts up his arm and pinches you. It scared the PT at first, but then she used it for her benefit. She told him if it hurts again to pinch her, so he did! He is following commands better for everyone.

His doctors came in today and they were very impressed with his progress. They said that he is starting to react to things normally now, not just through the posturing. They can't believe how well his pump is working and how fast.

The most exciting thing was during speech therapy today. The therapist put a cookie in his hand and he pulled it up on his own and took a bite! He did this a few times and then got tired so she helped him by pushing his elbow up just a little. He also was looking at objects around the room when she told him too. We tried again to get his tongue out, not quite but he is getting closer. The therapist had a popsicle and she told him that he had to turn his head and bite it and he did it so fast that he got a big bite. She was surprised by his response. When she told him to shake his head yes if he wanted some ice cream he did about 50% of the time. If he didn't he at least made noise, like he was saying yes.

As you can see it has been a very busy day and it is is only 3pm! He is watching food network right now and fighting sleep. :)
-Kristen Mundy


  1. This is amazing. I am so excited--please tell Jeremy I will see him in a week and a half! --Kellie

  2. It's so wonderful to hear such good news. We are still prayig. --Jenny

  3. Hey guys. I'm so excited to hear Jeremy's doing so much better. I want to come and visit him this weekend. I hope that's okay. I got a weekend pass from the rehab place here and I want to come visit.

  4. That would be great Nathan, we will look forward to seeing you. I am sure Jeremy will be happy to see you too. :)


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