Sunday, September 13, 2009

September 13

When I got to the hospital this morning Jeremy was awake and looking at the pictures running on the digital picture frame someone gave him. Shortly after that he chuckled at something I said and the day was off and running. It was a pretty relaxed day, he watched football with Eric, Kristen and Dad. At least he looked at the TV. We are still at a disadvantage since there is no verbalization yet.

We are still working on getting Jeremy decent meals. When something we order doesn't fall under the "Moist mechanical soft" they don't send anything. We talk to the nurses and they order something that comes about an hour later. If all else fails - we have ICE CREAM. We'll get there. Plan to talk to the dietitian tomorrow.

The doctor that put in the baclofen pump came in today and was really happy with Jeremy's progress. They told us not to expect significant changes for several weeks but they are seeing results already. He was excited about that!!!!! We are still praying that Jeremy does NOT get an infection. The chance of infection is greater with something like this.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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