Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12

Jeremy appeared pretty tired today. Most of the day he seamed like he was in a tired daze.

However!!! When he went to physical therapy they set him on the work table, to where his feet could be flat on the floor. And they WERE flat on the floor. Midway through the session they didn't have to hold them there. In the past there was one person on one foot - holding and another person on the other foot holding. That is how this session started but within minutes his heals were both touching the floor - All by himself. Soon they will start to strengthen his ankles and legs so when he stands they will be able to hold his weight. They are still working with him on holding up is head higher. He still has that protective stance with his shoulders and head are forward, like he would rather curl up in a ball.

Then he spent the rest of the day resting again. With one or two smiles and a small dose of laughter at brother Eric and the pastor!

Thank you for your prayers.

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