Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

Jeremy slept all night last night. This morning they came in, put a binder around his midsection, got him up and did physical therapy. They have to take it easy with no real movement around the midsection. They will wait till the stitches have healed for that to start happening. Right now they will concentrate on his arms and legs. Speaking about his legs - his leg with the torn muscle looks really good. The bruising is almost all healed. That happened faster than I expected. I guess it helped that he wasn't up walking around on it. Most people who have torn muscles say it takes months to heal.

He was in his chair for a 5 hours and then we thought he looked tired. We got him back to bed in case he wanted to take a nap before dinner. He did!

The doctor came in this morning and was very pleased with the progress Jeremy has made already.

Jeremy is smiling and laughing more and more every day. It is so great to hear. Even if it is in brief flashes. We plan to keep the camera ready. One of these days we will catch one of those million dollar smiles and share it with you!!

We are trying to work on more interesting meals for Jeremy. One day they gave him the same thing for dinner that they gave him for lunch. So now we are ordering his meals for him. He is still on the moist mechanical soft diet. He takes awhile to eat his meal, about an hour, but he gets it done.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We keep reminding ourselves - One day at a time and Baby steps! God is good!!!

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