Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7

It all started last night when the nurse was trying - again to get Jeremy to communicate. "Blink your eyes if..." - Well she must have done something that Jeremy thought was funny because he all of the sudden SMILED and then laughed from his gut!! Greg (dad) was the only one there at the time to witness it.

Today we were all trying to get him to smile or laugh again. It's not fair that just one or 2 should see such a wonderful thing. We turned on cartoons, we tried to think of funny jokes but Jeremy was either too tired or busy to think it was funny. Then about 7 pm tonight Grandma (from California) did something that he though was funny and we saw Jeremy's million dollar smile and he laughed. Grandma was so excited that she danced around the room in her yellow gown and Jeremy smiled and laughed again. What a great treat. We hope to see many more smiles in the days to come. We will try and get a picture!!!

Other progress today - During lunch the speech therapist tried again to get Jeremy to drink from a straw. Before he just chewed on it. Today he closed his mouth and sucked! It seams that Jeremy has taken several of those baby steps this weekend. Real food, drinking from a straw, smiling, laughing were the big ones.

Thank you for all those continued prayers! God is good!

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