Monday, September 7, 2009

September 6

Jeremy seemed pretty tired today. He was quite a bit quieter and less vocal today as well. However, he still ate quite a bit of the food that we put in front of him. He had some scrambled eggs, applesauce, white toast with jelly on it, and watermelon for breakfast. Then for lunch he had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup, mandarin oranges, and ice cream. Before Stephen, Kristen and I left, he also had some ravioli and pasta sauce that Grandma Corrine made. Finally, some real food! I think that it really makes a difference in his mood to be eating the real food.

Since Jeremy was so tired, they didn't put him up in his chair today and he spent a lot of the day watching the Food Network. We've joked that when Jeremy gets better he'll know how to make a bunch of new dishes but won't know why! :)

We also took our dog, Aiden, up to see Jeremy again. Jeremy really seemed to like having him near. He tried to scratch Aiden's head and pet him. It was wonderful.

Check out the photo page for some new pictures of Jeremy!


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