Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5

We had a wonderful day with Jeremy today. Grandpa Ernie and Grandma Corrine drove up from Ukiah, CA to see him. Jeremy was very vocal, humming and making noises much of the day. We also got to see Jeremy chewing on his ice chips, which he loves, and eat his food. Jeremy ate a lot of food today, pureed lasagna and peaches for lunch, pureed squash and pears for dinner. Yum... :P Most excitingly, the speech therapist upgraded his diet to moist soft foods today so he got to have some vegetarian meatloaf that Greg made for dinner. He absolutely loved it! Ate the whole piece! Kristen and I also went to the store and bought his favorite flavor of ice cream (Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream) and he ate quite a bit of that today too. We have to make sure to write down all the calories that Jeremy eats during the day, because that adjusts how much they feed him through his tube at night. We'd like to end up having him eating enough that he won't need that nightime feeding.

It's so hard to see Jeremy and try to describe to you how he is actually doing. He looks great. We tried to play Rook with him today; we know that he loves that game and thought it might make him smile. Jeremy held the cards and Kristen played them. It was great. They won the first hand. I'm going to post some new pictures when we get home to show you all. However, we hope that you understand that although he looks awesome, normal and fine in all of his pictures, the reality is that the highlights of our visits are him humming and munching on ice chips. We truly believe that Jeremy knows who we are and mostly what's going on, but something, possibly the spasms, is locking him inside his body.

Keep praying that Jeremy keeps healing.

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