Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15

Today started out with a bang. When I got to the hospital at 9:30am Jeremy was already dressed and had eaten breakfast. Physical therapy came at a different angle for Jeremy today. He was put on the tilt table, we got him up to 60 degrees with no problems at all. It was a new experience for Jeremy to look down on us, since no one was near 6' 2" in the room. :) We put a big mirror in front of him to see if he looked at himself, but he didn't really seem too, he kept his head down.

After Jeremy got back from pt he worked with the speech therapist. He was really tired and didn't really want to do much, but he did follow commands the majority of the time. When speech came back after lunch Jeremy was a lot less tired so he got a lot accomplished. We started out with pictures and asking him to point to certain people. He actually stuck out his finger and pointed to the correct person. Now this isn't a fast pointing, you need to give him sometime to process things, however he is processing much faster now. Which is great. Next we went to some household items, combs, towels, bed, food, things like that. He did fairly well with those, but he didn't get them all. He got the ones that he is the most familiar with. When it came to pointing to the bed, he pointed to it with a clear knowledge. That is what he knows the most. :) Next we went into spelling his name. We asked him to point to the first letter of his name and he did! Then we asked him to go to the next and so on. We helped him with knowing which letter was next but a few times he knew which one was next. He got very close to the letter if not actually touching the letter. So, it was a great start to further progress. Remember that it is just a start he is a long ways, but this was definitely a great start on the right path.

After that Jeremy and I just sat around looking at his digital picture frame and waiting for his shower. After his shower was dinner and then things slow down for Jeremy. Like yesterday he was full of laughter. Debi commented to me tonight that it is so nice to come home happy, because we laugh all day with Jeremy now, rather than just talking to him with no response. It is great to have Jeremy waking up more everyday. Thanks for your continued prayers through this process.
-Kristen Mundy

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  1. This is such great news! Thanks for all the faithful updates. We continue to pray for you all.


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