Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16

Today started out with speech therapy right after breakfast. We moved his morning speech time, because he was too tired after physical therapy. Jeremy learned to start saying "uh huh" for yes and closing his eyes tight for no. After that we got him ready for physical therapy. Today was a BIG day in pt. Jeremy stood with the help of a standing frame for 20 mins! His feet were flat on the floor and he was standing fairly straight, besides his head which he still doesn't keep up very well. That was so cool to see his full 6'2" we all looked up at him again. :) After that I requested that Jeremy be sent straight to the shower, he was absolutely drenched in sweat!
After all that excitement Jeremy was very tired for the rest of the day. He tried to sleep through lunch and dinner.

Debi and I were counting Jeremy's calories today to make sure that he had enough, because he was taken off the night feedings tonight. So we were feeding him a lot today, lots of ice cream, cookies, and apple pie with his food. It worked he got the calories that he needed.

Jeremy still continues to be happy and responsive. It is great to laugh for an hour or more straight everyday!! Laughter is the best medicine! When you come to Jeremy's room you leave your dignity and pride at the door. We do almost whatever it takes to make him laugh, luckily it doesn't take much! :)

Thanks for your continued prayers, he will need them in the up coming weeks as they decide on whether he is progressing enough or not to stay where he is.
-Kristen Mundy

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  1. Can you explain something to me? Is Jeremy responsive and does he understand things but is just unable to talk and communicate back or what? I pray for you all every night and am hoping for the best.


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