Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18

Good morning. Jeremy is not having as great of day today as he has had the last few days. He is a lot tighter today. We weren't able to have him stand during PT today because his feet were turning sideways. So they laid him on the table and did some good stretching.
During speech today we practiced using a pen and writing. Like you might expect he did a lot of scribbling, but when he concentrated we got a pretty decent looking 2 out of him. Then a messy J, but it was a J.

We were asked a question about Jeremy's progress and I would like to answer it so that everyone understands.
"Is Jeremy responsive and does he understand things but is just unable to talk and communicate back or what?"
- It is hard to say what Jeremy knows and doesn't know for sure. But yes he definitely is responsive. Yesterday during speech therapy we asked him to pick between two items, things like a spoon, knife, toothbrush, toothpaste, pencil, eraser, and a few other things. The therapist held them in her hands and asked him to get one, and he Always grabbed the one that she told him to get. This was all very deliberate, there wasn't much hesitation, or "well he got close". He just reached up and grabbed it! So, yes he does know what we are saying for the most part. I was watching TV with him yesterday and he started laughing at a commercial, and it was a funny commercial the first time I saw it I laughed too. I said to him yeah that is a funny commercial I like it too, and he looked at me and we laughed together. Also, we are learning how to communicate with Jeremy in other ways. Like how to have him say yes and no without actually vocalizing. So, when we ask a yes or no question we are looking for, closed tight eyes for no or a "uh huh" for yes. Not all the time do we get a response, but many times we get a clear response, it is obvious to us what he wants.
Hopefully that answers your question. So no he isn't talking, but his is responding in his way. We are understanding him a little better everyday. It is little but still it is something.

Please continue to pray for Jeremy's recovery, some days it feels like we are so close. But we know that we have a long journey ahead of us. Thanks You for your prayers and support.
-Kristen Mundy

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  1. Thank you very much for answering. You're all in my prayers


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