Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20

One of the nurses suggested we get Jeremy outside yesterday and directed us to a patio on the roof of the 4th floor. It's a rooftop garden. (I wish we had know about it before.) We went to check it out yesterday and decided to go out again today. It was cooler today, but Jeremy sat with his face in the shade and the rest of his body in the sun, getting a little vitamin D. We took a milkshake up there and soaked in some sun. Very nice.

Jeremy had another visit from Aiden (Stephen and Courtni's dog) today. First we went into the Physical Therapy room and put Aiden on the table so he was closer to the height of Jeremy in his chair. We gave Jeremy the brush so he could brush Aiden. The table had a slight wobble to it and it made the dog a little apprehensive. We decided to move back to Jeremy's room and see if Aiden would play tug of war with Jeremy. But when we got back to the room, the nurse decided it was a good time for Jeremy to get a shower.

Jeremy's incision from the baclofen pump surgery is healing nicely and they plan to take the stitches out tomorrow. He will continue to wear the binder for about a month.

This evening Jeremy was very quiet. He was either tired from all the activity and company or is experiencing a let down because everyone is gone. Thank you for your love and support.

Thank you for your prayers.

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