Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22

When we arrived today Jeremy was happy and ready to eat. He was enjoying breakfast when a his nurse decided he needed some medicine - right now. After that interruption Jeremy was not quite in the same mood.

He enjoyed pet therapy during physical therapy. They did a lot of range of motion with him before and after. After that he had a fairly relaxed day.

We have been concerned about Jeremy's weight. We didn't think he was eating 2500 calories per day. They weighed him this afternoon and he had gained 3 pounds (according to our calculations) We have to weigh the wheel chair and the sling separately. They weigh Jeremy in the sling and wheel chair. Subtract and get Jeremy's weight. He weighted 194 today. I'm not sure how accurate this method is but at least his weight was not less than before (191). It does seem like we are feeding him during all his free time.

Please send a few extra prayers tomorrow as we meet with Jeremy's team. The rep from the insurance company indicated they would like to move him, in about a week, to a skilled nursing home. One problem in that is Jeremy has no insurance coverage for that and that creates another set of problems.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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