Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23

We met with the team today around 11 am. As soon as we got to the hospital, the social worker warned us it might be bad. She thought they would transfer Jeremy to a skilled nursing home next week. (Thank you for your prayers!) After a full report of the things Jeremy was doing and not doing, the bottom line is they have a few more medications they want to try. A few they plan to take him off of, Botox again possibly (this time in his right arm or shoulder) - and we have 2 or 3 more weeks. In the beginning we decided to take it one day at a time and that seems to be working well! God is good and in control.

Jeremy had another one of those days. They say he started out grumpy! When I looked in on him before the meeting, he had hardly touched his breakfast. When I got back to the hospital after work (around 3:30) his Grammy had him laughing and laughing.

I came this afternoon with a new arsenal of "school supplies". I borrowed flash cards from school, ones with pictures and ones with letters. If they do it in therapy, we can do it too (homework). I spent the next hour and a half quizzing him on "which one is the house or brush or bear" "what is the first letter of your name" "what comes next". Then I rewarded him with food. Bribery - the key to all good parenting?!? If he got it right he laughed - if he got it wrong - he laughed. He got 10 out of 12 right. I think the 2 he got wrong, he did on purpose. I know he has brain trauma but I still think he is messing with us sometimes.

This evening he wanted to drink out of the Ensure bottle himself. With great effort we worked together to accomplish that goal. When he was done I picked up the trash can and told him to throw the bottle in the trash. He laughed then picked up his arm like he was going to throw it. Only problem is his hand won't release it yet. He squeezed it until he pinched it out of his hand. With the second try it flew the one foot into the trash can. I though he would die laughing!! Then we decided food was not the best thing to teach him to throw. We switched to a ball. He is still working on the release. I am so grateful that he is getting pleasure from stuff like this instead of being frustrated and angry. Praise God!

Thank you for your prayers.


  1. I havn't logged on in some time ( Sorry ) I have not been doing that well. But no body cares about that. I was surprised and happy to see that Stephen & Courtni's Dog was allowed in. This Is the best medicine of all. Animals can do wonderful things that we cant even begin to dream of. I know this to be a fact. My dog Buddy is my greatest asset. The only thing on earth that unconditionally loves me. So you GO Aiden ! You Go ! Give that Dog a piece of meat ! Give Jeremy a big hug from Uncle Paul

  2. Everyday he shows us he is strong! I can't wait to see him this weekend! Tell him hi for me!


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