Friday, September 25, 2009

September 24

Jeremy is inching his way back! Today he decided he didn't want a bandage on his finger that we had put on there. He has a nervous thing he does with one finger and his thumb so we have put a bandage on it because he has rubbed it a little raw. Anyway he didn't want it there so he took it off. We put his glasses on most days and today he decided that he wanted them off for some reason and reached up and too them off. Twice. Baby steps! Simple tasks we are thankful for his accomplishments.

From time to time the therapists or nurses mention the word praxia or maybe it apraxis. Like one day he sucked from a straw and he did that for 2 or 3 days. Now he wont suck now matter how many time we try. It is typical of brain trauma patients to be able to do something one day and than not the next. But we keep trying.

The speech therapist was thrilled with the flash cards I borrowed from school. The more we can expose him, or exercise his brain, the better he will get. We tease him. Thought you were done with school? We have homework!! Lots of homework. He just laughs!

Thank you for your prayers! We count on them.

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