Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25

Jeremy had another good day today. Jeremy fills most of his days now with smiles and laughter. People marvel at how much he enjoys company and he clearly gets the jokes people tell him. Someone told me today they thought he was emotionally more sophisticated than he can communicate. Communicating is still difficult but we are making progress with appropriate responses every day. Sometimes the yes and no answers are the hardest to get. Words will come later!

Jeremy was up in the standing frame this morning in physical therapy and they say he seemed a little more comfortable. Once they got him up they tried to distract him by playing with the ball. It seemed to work. He relaxed a little and was able to extend his body more. He gets a little more comfortable each time he gets up. He was up for about 20 minutes again.

After lunch today they got him up in his wheelchair and we decided to take him for a walk. First we went up to the roof patio. We have been there several times. It was a little warm so we went down to the ground floor and went to a couple of the mini parks that they have around the hospital. We probably walked around for about an hour. We stopped by one of the fountains, took Jeremy's socks off and wet his feet. He seemed to enjoy the cool water.

We talked to one of the doctors this evening, he will probably do the Botox in Jeremy's arm on Wednesday. Hopefully that will allow him to move it more. Simple things - like for him to be able to sit up in bed will take 2 arms.

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!


  1. Hey guys it was really great to be able to meet you all. Thanks so much for letting me come visit. i'm really glad I could come. It was probably just another visit for you but it was something different for me. It really helped me to be able to come visit. Thank you.

  2. Nathan we are glad you could come! Please fell free to come anytime you can! We know it means a lot for both your recovery as well as Jeremys! God Bless!
    Eric Doherty!


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