Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26

OH WHAT A DAY! When we arrived this morning they already had him up on the way to a shower. Right after his shower he had breakfast. Shortly after that Occupational therapy came and worked on Jeremy's tight shoulder. Then physical therapy came, took him to get him up in the standing frame. He was in the standing frame for about 20 minutes. All that happened before lunch.

After lunch speech therapy came in and kicked us all (there were 4 visitors at that point) out so Jeremy could concentrate on speech. Even though speech therapy is in charge of Jeremy's victory over food they are also frustrated with the fact that we can't get a consistent response from him.

Today we asked him if he was thirsty, touch his mouth. He did. I also asked him a couple other things and he responded appropriately in the same manner. Just about the time I thought I had something consistent, someone asked him if his name was Sam touch your nose. He touched his nose and laughed. OK we need to keep working on it.

When they got Jeremy out of his bed today we turned off the air. It's an airbed and it seemed kind of loud. When they went to put him back into the bed after a long day in they chair, we turned it back on and it got really LOUD, it kind of sounded like a turbo plane taking off. One of the air hoses was broken and they bed would not fill up again. They had to call in a repair man - he thought he fixed it but about an hour later it broke again. At this point they had Jeremy back in it. They decided they would bring him a new bed but it wouldn't arrive until about 8 pm.

With all the visitors Jeremy had today (a total of about 12 -14) and the fact that Jeremy was probably up in his chair about 8 hours total today. We hope and pray that they bring that new bed and he gets some good sleep tonight! All in all Jeremy had a really good day. Another day filled with friends, lots of love and laughter. If laughter is the best medicine - Jeremy got a very large dose today.

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