Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27

Jeremy had a quieter day today. We tried to keep activities to a minimum. We felt like he needed to rest up for the week. By 1 we were thinking he was getting tired and needed to take a nap but then someone turned on a movie and he relaxed and watched the whole thing. He ended up being up in his chair for about 6 hours again today. We tried to work with Jeremy on drinking from a cup, yes and no responses. One of the therapist gave him a board with the words on it. Hoping we could get him to point to yes, no food, water. Jeremy had a fairly relaxed day until about 7:30 tonight. He got agitated about something and we are still trying to figure it out. He is pretty vocal about something. Hopefully he will calm down and get some sleep soon (it's 9:30).

Please pray that Jeremy figures out how to get what he wants across. We have no doubt that he understands what we say and mean. He just can't figure out the output part.

As always thank you for your prayers.

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