Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28

Jeremy persisted today in pointing to his mouth to let us know that something was bothering him. Before his afternoon speech therapy session he began to cough, choke and I thought he might be sick. I asked if he might have a sore throat? The therapist thought he might have the flu or something. When they looked at his throat they discovered that he had a bad case of thrush on his throat and the very back of his tongue. Thrush is a yeast infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue. It's common in people who are on antibiotics and Jeremy has been on one antibiotic or another for who knows how long. I asked if they had retested Jeremy for the VRE infection he had. The nurse said they can't test him again until he has been off antibiotics for 3 days, and it has been a while since he has been off. Right now, he has a urinary tract infection. Anyway - they are working on all of the problems and hopefully the solutions won't cause more problems.

In physical therapy, they had him up on the tilt table again. They were playing with a tennis ball to try and distract Jeremy from everything. After awhile they put the ball out, just beyond his reach. They wanted to know if he would lean forward to get the ball. In the end he did bend over to reach for the ball. Huge step!

In speech therapy today, she started working with sign language to try and find a yes and no response that Jeremy would use. We will see, he will use it several times and we think we have something and then he quits. If at first we don't succeed try, try again!!!!! We are just looking for something that Jeremy will do CONSISTENTLY to answer simple questions with a yes or no answer. "Are you in pain?"

Thank you for your continued prayers!!

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  1. Still praying for Jeremy every day as well as for the courage, strength, patience, and peace for family and friends.


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