Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29

The thought is that Jeremy's sore throat may be more than the thrush. Today he is coughing more and refused to eat very much. It is hard to know what is going on. They may bring in another doctor to look at his throat, or scope him or who knows what?!? It's a little frustrating. Just about the time they get Jeremy up to speed (they added more physical therapy) something happens and he doesn't feel good again. They had cut back when they did the surgery for the pump. I guess we'll have to trust God and keep praying.

When I watched Jeremy eat a little tonight I noticed that he is working more and more with his tongue. It is getting further and further out of his mouth. Which is what we have been working on. Some things happen so slowly that we miss them.

They did Botox on Jeremy's right arm tonight. In his shoulder and two muscles in his arm. Hopefully that will allow him to relax that arm and work it like he does the left arm. They gave him something to relax him and put him to sleep before the injection. He relaxed a little but when the doctor came in to give him the injections he woke up(coughing). Jeremy was NOT a happy camper when they did the injections! Good thing there were two of us holding each hand!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!

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