Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3

Jeremy's progress seems to be going in waves. Some days, Debi and Greg have a lot to report on his progress, and others, like today, there's not much new going on. Jeremy's doing well, the physicians are moving him towards being able to eat real food, and if I know Jeremy at all, that will help in itself! There's just something about not having to drink a slurry of pureed food. We're hoping that will happen next week at some point.

My sister Kristen, Stephen and I will be leaving Walla Walla for Boise this evening. We are excited to be able to see Jeremy and the family again and report on our view of Jeremy's recovery. It's a lot easier for those of us that aren't around him every day to notice the differences. We also plan to take some new pictures so watch for those!

Will be reporting from Boise tomorrow,

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  1. Hey Courtni,

    Thanks for updating the blog, no matter if there is anything new. I really miss being able to call Jeremy up just to say hi and see what's going on, like I used to before the accident. This blog is the next best thing, even if I can't talk to Jeremy directly ;-)

    Hope you have a good weekend. I'm anxious to see some pictures!



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