Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13

Jeremy made more progress with his speech today. I heard that with the therapist he counted to 10. For six and seven, the "s" was a little rough, but he tried. Greg called today and when they put the phone up to Jeremy's ear, and he said, "Bye Dad." Tonight he told us "No" when the nurse was trying to give him some pills. He was agitated about something tonight, and when we asked him what was wrong, "Does something hurt?" He said, "My foot." Someone was touching his leg or foot.

In physical therapy they had him on the tilt table and they are working with bending his knees slightly (on command) (good luck with that). He's trying. Then they asked him to bend forward at the waist slightly. They do have him loosely strapped to the table so he won't fall. They help him pull himself forward and then tell him he can stand up straight again. He did that also, with some help and work. Tomorrow we will try again.

We are scheduled for a family meeting on Wednesday. We were scheduled for one last week and it kind of fizzled. There was a mix up somewhere with the doctors. Please remember us in your prayers. God has a plan for Jeremy and if it's time for Jeremy to go to the skilled nursing home, then we will go. However we will push tomorrow. When we talked to them at the skilled nursing home yesterday they were amazed with Jeremy's progress and that the hospital would even be thinking of transferring him at this point. They said that the progress Jeremy has made in the last 4 days is "HUGE".

God has a plan and we will follow that plan for Jeremy. Thank you for your prayers.

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