Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14

We had a very productive meeting with Jeremy's team today. After reviewing Jeremy's progress or in some cases lack of progress, we discussed the future. In some area's Jeremy is making good progress (speech). In other area's the progress is slower (physically). There was some concern about how tired he has been lately. We have noticed that also. Come to find out from the doctor, he had backed off one of the "awake" medicines last week. Two of the possible side effects are - lack of appetite and being tired. He will up the medication again so Jeremy can get back on track now and he will try to back off the medication again at a later time. They also have to turn Jeremy every 2 hours (at night) now that he has a regular hospital bed. This is to avoid breakdown of skin on his backside from lack of movement. I guess he wakes up during that process. They were going to try to find a solution for that so Jeremy could get some SLEEP!

The bottom line of the meeting is that they plan to keep him for about another 3 weeks with a re-evaluation weekly. What a roller coaster. Good thing we are taking this a day at a time!!!!! One of the therapists pulled us aside after the meeting and told us they (several of the therapist) were not informed that Jeremy did not have insurance for skilled nursing home. That made a big difference for them and they vowed to fight to keep him there as long as necessary. We all agree that at some point Jeremy may require a break from rehab. A rest so to speak. But now is not that time.

An x-ray was done on Jeremy's foot today (there is a bump on the inside arch of his foot) and the ENT Doctor looked at his throat. So far they don't have any results that tell us much.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!!

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