Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15

Jer and I had a party tonight. We hung out and "practiced" stuff. The big hit of the night was fry sauce - he even, very distinctly said it. We practiced words which was kinda fun. He clearly said, "OK, fry sauce, don't touch my foot (which cracked me up), no, uh-huh, bye mom, bye dad, Bill, Bubba etc..." I walked around the room and pointed to stuff for him to name, we both had a good laugh when I realized he didn't have his glasses on and couldn't see half what I was pointing to. After I put them on him he named all kinds of stuff like "balloon" and "bear". We had a pretty good time with that bizarre "you are my sunshine" cat... oh my goodness that was funny.... Speaking of choking - we learned some things about joking around while trying to eat. Laughing and eating don't mix. Yeah yeah... he's fine.... sheesh.... Later he read me words off the white board. He read everything from Papa to Bill to Pie. He clearly whipped a couple sign language signs on me - due to my incompetence I had no idea what he was saying.... He and I googled it on my phone - but couldn't figure it out.

All in all - pretty amazing! A little at a time.
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