Friday, October 16, 2009

October 16

What a week! Tonight I looked back just 1 week. I told Jeremy that one week, 7 days ago he had not said one word, and listen to him now. Tonight Greg asked him if he wanted more food. He said "yes please!" He said sentences like "Don't touch my head" or Don't look at me". If something hurts he tells them where "my left leg", "my head hurts". I heard he talked to the doctor today. Good move Jeremy!!! My favorite is still "mom" THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT! Well maybe "dad". When he said his speech therapists name today she cheered so loud they came running from down the hall. They thought something had happened. She is GREAT!

They tried to use a side board in physical therapy last week and it was a terrible failure. They tried it again today and it was much, much better. The therapist was very excited about the progress. A side board is a board they put between the wheelchair and bed (or in this case therapy table) and you slide on the board between the two. Jeremy is still working on building up a little strength in his arms. He is slowly getting more use of his right arm. They tried a different wheelchair today where he can start to use his hands on the wheels to roll himself. They are talking about possibly a motorized wheelchair with a joy stick. That would be cool! (This is just a temporary thing until he gets more strength in his legs).

All the therapist are on the same page now. The have discovered that if they just talk straight to Jeremy, explain to him what is going on and what they want to accomplish, he is very co-operative and less frustrated (less pinching).

He still has moments of discouragement when he thinks he is not making progress. We remind him all the time of how well he is doing. Thank you for the cards you continue to send to Jeremy with words of encouragement.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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  1. This is so amazing. I can't wait to see him again in a couple weeks! Stay strong, you are wonderful, loving, patient parents!


    PS Tell Jeremy hi for me!


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