Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17

Jeremy had a pretty quiet day today. It was one of his off days for eating so we spent all day trying to entice him into one food or another. Food from home and from the hospital. They do supplement his diet with tube feeding on a day like today. They won't let him starve!

In physical therapy they did some stretching on the mat again today. They put him on his back with pads under certain parts to make his shoulders back and get a good stretch. They also worked on the board transfer again today. Some time was spent explaining to Jeremy why they wanted him to lean forward, what is involved in sitting up straight and where to find his center of balance while sitting up (things we take for granted). He is listening intently and getting a little better every day.

Jeremy is talking faster and with more words. Short sentences. The problem is the faster he speaks the more you cant understand it. Then he gets frustrated because we cant understand. He still talks very quietly. The latest phrase is "No I don't". Not just NO. Stephen and Eric both called today and when I put the phone up to Jeremy's ear he smiled and answered the question only problem was his brothers couldn't hear him. He is getting there - slowly.

Thank you for you prayers!!!

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