Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2

Jeremy did pretty good today in physical therapy. He stood on the tilt table for over an hour. His legs are slowly getting stronger. While he is up on the tilt table they have not only physical therapists, but occupational therapy and sometimes speech therapy, in there trying to distract him. Doesn't work so good with speech therapy I'm told. Speech is something he really needs to concentrate on, as you can tell by yesterday's post.

Last night, I felt like I was back in school and I was called into the principal's office. A nurse took me aside and said it had been reported that Jeremy had been pinching & hitting the nurses, therapists and, for that matter, anyone who messes with him. A week or 2 ago, when Jeremy started to do that they were excited because he was able to let them know when they were hurting him. Now they are not so excited. The solution is to tell him not to do it. They feel like he is angry and that is why he is doing it. I think it's more frustration than anger.

Greg talked to some of the hospital staff today and will continue to fight for Jeremy to stay in rehab. It seems to us, and we have been told by a lot of the staff, that he is doing so well. I'm not sure who has decided he needs to go to the skilled nursing home. We have been told that he will be transferred on the 12th of this month. We will continue to pray and fight for Jeremy to be in rehab as long as he is getting better.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

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