Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1

Someone left some information for us today on apraxia. I thought I would pass a small part of it along and hopefully we will all understand whats going on a little better.

Apraxia -A movement planning problem involving a disruption in sequencing of voluntary muscle movements. A transmission problem between the brain and the muscle. This would be similar to a transmission problem in a car where the engine (the brain) works well and the wheels (the mouth) work equally well. The breakdown is in the transmission between the engine and the wheels. This disruption is not associated with weakness. slowness or discontinuation of the muscles.


Reinforce small gains. Progress in apraxia is often slow and must be viewed as a gradual process.
Treat the person with apraxia as an adult. Even though you are encouraging communication in short, simple words the person is an adult and must be treated accordingly.
Humor lightens the load. Use it wisely and not at the expense of the person with apraxia.
Since frustration tolerance is usually lower than normal for the person with apraxia, discontinue efforts before the aggravation stage.
Allow time for the person with apraxia to communicate thoughts and messages. Please do not complete sentences for the person.
Part of the support a person with apraxia needs is in developing realistic goals.

That's just small pieces of what Jeremy may be dealing with right now as far as his communication process goes.

Well getting late here - still at the hospital with Jer. Never get tried of hanging with him, just can't wait till he's at home!!

We're also trying to cope with him going to skilled nursing - not excited about that at all - but we know God has a plan and we're holding on for the ride. Keep the prayers flowing (keeps us all going) Thx so much!!!!!

Finished posting for Deb tonight (Greg)

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