Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21

Jeremy continues to make slow progress in all his therapies. It seems like everyday when we get to the hospital (sometime in the afternoon), they are talking about trying something new. Today's new "toy" was a wheelchair with a joystick. It will take some getting use to it. One of the therapists told me I should try it one day when Jeremy gets out of it. It is a lot harder to coordinate than you think. The first time she got in one she ran into the wall. I can see that brothers will have to test it also. After they got him in the chair and adjusted properly, they pushed him out in the hall and then it quit. They couldn't get it to work. Took about 15 minutes & 4 therapists to figure out what was wrong. In the end they just turned it off and back on. Surprise!!! it worked. Jeremy just sat and laughed. He was probably thinking he could fix it given half a chance. When they finally got it running Jeremy's tendency was to push to joy stick to one side. That just turned him in circles. They took him to a large room so he could just play with it. Greg called it a "wreck" room (ha ha:). It will take a little time to get this to work for him. One of the therapists was telling me that this wheelchair is good for more than mobilization. Studies show it helps increase cognitive abilities also. It will be fun to see how long it takes him to get it all figured out. Or how long it will take his mind to convince the rest of his body to cooperate in accomplishing this goal.

Jeremy is such a blessing. Pray for his courage and strength. Jeremy needs both. His new favorite word is "Ouch", I'm sure that every muscles in his body aches!

Thank you for your daily prayers!


  1. It is very overwhelming to read of Jeremy's updates and progress. My family and I continue to pray not only for Jeremy, but his family caring for him, too. BryanC

  2. We continue to declare an Open Heaven over Jeremyy and the rest of your family.
    D. Moore


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