Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23

Today was another roller coaster day. As soon as we got to the hospital this afternoon, we were directed to the office of the social worker who informed us that Jeremy would be transferred out tomorrow. The insurance company was done today! The doctor was called (his regular doctor is on vacation). He in turn called the insurance company for a "doctor to doctor" conference. It took us till about 6:00 pm to get word back from the insurance company that they would wait till Monday or Tuesday to transfer him.

In the mean time the skilled nursing home that we chose for Jeremy was contacted and they have to come on Monday to "evaluate" him because he pinched a nurse and bit his therapist. I probably forgot to tell you about that but, yes, he bit his physical therapist. She and Jeremy were leaning in such a way that she had her shoulder right in front of his mouth and when it started hurting too much he just bit the closest thing - her shoulder. She is fine, she had several layers of cloths on - thank goodness! He felt instantly horrible and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!"

Please remember all of us in the next few days. God has a plan and I hope we are ready for it! If Jeremy can't go to Boise Health and Rehab (the skilled nursing home) we have to come up with a plan B. We don't have a plan B yet. I never did like roller coasters!!!!!

They cast a mold of Jeremy's feet this morning before all this other stuff started. They are having special boots or shoes made for Jeremy to help with the "drop foot". They help support is feet and ankles more until he is able to get up and stand more to build up those muscles. They did say that if the boots aren't done by the time Jeremy is transferred they would bring them to him where ever he is.

Thank you for you prayers. They are what gets us through days like today.

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