Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27

Hi everyone, it's me Julie and I back!! What a joy to see Jeremy's eyes light up when I walked into the room. My first task---- to get him to answer the question: Who's your favorite aunt? He said "Julie"!!! Correct answer! 25 points! We all laughed (including Jeremy). His laughter and the sparkle in his eyes is the same old Jeremy we all know and love. And boy is he mischievous. While feeding him dinner tonight, if Debi and I weren't paying close enough attention to him, he would let the food fall out of his mouth and laugh. What a stinker! He has such a cute sense of humor. He is so very soft spoken, so sometimes it's difficult to understand him, so we just play the guessing game and hopefully we discover what it is he wants. Still no final word on when he will be transferred to the new place, we'll just wait and see what tomorrow brings. He has made such tremendous progress since I last visited him. My heart overflows with joy. I told him our goal this week is to get him on his feet, so he can start chasing the pretty nurses ( he bellowed with laughter). Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted. Thank you again and always for your love and prayers. Julie ( Jeremy's favorite aunt !)

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