Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26

I'm not sure we know any more today than we did yesterday about where Jeremy will be tomorrow. "We are in a holding pattern". Maybe for just 1 day, we are not sure.

I took the day off work today to see what was happening with Jeremy, talk to the doctors, the person "assessing" Jeremy from Boise Health and rehab, and ended up being able to observe all of his therapy sessions also. Bonus

Occupational therapy is really working consistently with Jeremy in normal every day things like rolling over in bed, dressing himself, washing his face, or putting on deodorant. Upper body movement or building strength in his arms, neck and upper trunk.

Speech is still working with Jeremy in articulating works and increasing his volume. They ask him to fill in the phrases like "nickle and ?????" (dime) "Large and ?????' (small) Black and ????? (white). In the beginning of the session he does very well, toward the end he fades a little.

In physical therapy he was up on the standing frame this morning and up on the tilt table this afternoon. Building up the muscles in his legs and upper body strength. Standing up straight takes a lot of effort. After they were done on the tilt table this afternoon someone suggested that we see if he could use his legs and push himself (laying flat on his back). They moved him lower on the tilt table, put a sheet under his back and neck, bent his knees and told him to use his legs and push them straight. As you know sometime the body doesn't do what the mind tells it to. In this case it did. He pushed himself back on the table. The therapist thought that one of us helped him so we moved him down again, bent his knees with his feet against the bottom of the fame and told him to push again. He did!!! YAAA He is building up muscles in those legs, slowly and surely.

We aren't sure what tomorrow will bring but for today, Jeremy made more progress and we will let God take care of tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement!!!

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