Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30

Today was a good day for Jeremy. He seems to be adjusting really well to his new surroundings. He appears content and laughs a lot. He does play "possum" when therapists come in to do treatments. They ask him to do certain movements and he pretends not to be able to do them. In reality he just did them for Debi and I. I told Jeremy he can't get away with that! He just smiles. Everyday he is saying new words , but it is still difficult to understand him at times as he is so soft spoken. The speech therapist wants to work on raising the volume of his voice, so she said she wants to teach him to yell. Tonight Debi was putting on his special boots and something hurt him, so he yelled at Debi! He's one step ahead of the speech therapist.

He is taken down to the dining room for all meals and is " mingling" with other patients. He is still having some difficulty adjusting to certain textures in his mouth, so a lot that goes in comes right back out. The speech therapist said this is common for some head injury patients. It is something that she said she would work on with him.

Thank you for your love and prayers. Julie

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