Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31

Jeremy ate a little better today. Stephen picked up some pintos and cheese from Taco Bell and Jeremy seemed to really like those. Jeremy's definitely becoming stronger a little at a time. We spent some time down in the exercise room today "bowling" with a small bowling alley and wooden pins and balls. Jeremy seemed to really enjoy that game. We asked him a couple times if he was tired and wanted to go back to his room and he kept saying "no".

Jeremy is talking quite a bit more than last time we were in town, but it is hard to hear him because he talks softly and quite quickly. We find ourselves playing the guessing game often, asking him if he means this or that.

We even sat him up on the edge of the bed. It took three of us to prop him up, but he did great, a great improvement from three weeks ago. Stephen said he didn't have to hold on to Jeremy as tight to keep him up straight. He's holding his head up a little better each day, building those muscles. I think that Jeremy really drinks up the positive feedback that he gets from all of us when he does something like this. We're so excited to see every tiny step forward that he's made, even though those steps seem small to him. The more cheering we do, the more happy he seems to be.

Thank you for your prayers. I got a couple good pictures today and will try again tomorrow and will post them on Sunday night or Monday.


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