Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5

They weighed Jeremy again today, and he continues to lose weight. They don't normally weigh people 2 days in a row, but they checked it again today. He now weights 187, yesterday it was 186 so depending on what he is wearing I guess he has lost another 8 pounds or so in the past 2 weeks or so. I'm going to have to find some more fattening food to feed him. It's hard on days like today when he just doesn't want to eat.....

Thank you for your prayers over the coming week as we prepare for the strong possibility that Jeremy may be transferred to a skilled nursing home. As of today, Jeremy has a new doctor at St. Al's. We just found out that every 3 months there is a rotation in the physician staff on the rehab unit. Greg is going to try and meet him and meet with him tomorrow. We have another "family conference" on Wednesday with the whole team.

We know that God has a plan and we just have to trust!


  1. Debi--as always, thanks for keeping this blog up to date.

    I don't quite understand something. What is the difference between a skilled nursing home and the rehab center Jeremy's currently living in? I understand a skilled nursing home isn't as good, but what are the main disadvantages? Does rehab completely stop in the nursing home, and treatment focuses more on keeping him comfortable, but without an effort to improve his condition?

  2. Is this good or bad news why cant he go home ?

  3. As someone who has worked in both a hospital based rehab unit and a skilled nursing facility, the hospital rehab is often just more focused, requiring 3 hours a day of therapy. A skilled nursing facility may designate therapy at a lesser level, or less time a day. It does not mean they quit working with Jeremy. It also depends on the skilled nursing facility. Most of them have wings or units designated to rehabilitation patients, or the ones that are receiving therapy until they get better and go home. These areas, in my experience, can be just as dedicated to therapy and strengthening as the rehab unit at the hospital.


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