Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8

Jeremy had quite a few changes today. They switched him to a regular hospital bed today. Hopefully it will make it easier for him to learn how to turn over, the air bed did it for him so he didn't have to use his muscles to rotate. Part of the reason they made the switch is to prepare him for the change in hospitals. The skilled nursing home wouldn't have that fancy air bed. I hope it's a good change for him.

They are supplementing his diet not with the tube feeds. Since he isn't eating still they want to get something in his stomach. Hopefully he will start to eat again soon. This week end we plan to make him some home cooking. See if we can entice him into eating. He seems to be very tired of the hospital food - he is just plain tired.

Thank you for your continued prayers! They get us through the days!


  1. Just a test to see if I can get a message through. I wrote a very long one and couldn't get it across.

  2. Now that my message worked this time, I will rewrite it. My name is Peggy Lightbody. My husband is Steve Lightbody who works at the CORP. First of all, I wanted you to know that Steve checks your site at least once a day to check on Jeremy. I also want you to know that I have empathy for what you are going through. I had a brain aneurysm 9 years ago and just like Jeremy, the frustration of not being able to speak is extremely frustrating. I would know what I wanted to say but couldn't find the words. Even after I got better, I would confuse words such as prune my eyebrows, and pluck the shrubs. A spoon and a shovel were problems. The analogy my doctor gave me was, as if you drove the same road from Dayton to Walla Walla every day for your work your whole life. Then, there was a flood that took out a bridge. You had to figure out another way to get from Dayton to Walla Walla. Jeremy, you are here and just know that God has a plan for you. Life doesn't always turn out the way we hoped it would but every day that I wake up I am so happy and thankful to be here. I think you will reach that point also. Besides the aneurysm, I had a broken back (3 vertebra crushed together) cancer twice, gall bladder surgery, bile duct surgery, and other medical issues that had had me hospitalized for a month at a time. It does take a long time but believe that you will get there.The frustration with not being able to communicate was right up there with the pain as being the hardest things to deal with. Like I said before, Steve checks at least once daily so we are looking for good results soon.


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