Friday, October 9, 2009

October 9

Now that we are able to communicate (we talk and he shakes his head yes and no) with Jeremy it is a little easier to get tiny glimpses of how he feels. We asked him today if he feels like he is making progress. Then we revised it and asked if he felt he was making progress physically. He shook his head slowly yes. When asked if he felt like he was making progress in his speech, he shook his head no. The speech therapist feels that Jeremy is SO aware of everything, he is frustrated by his inability to speak. She assured him that he has make HUGE strides and told him to relax that it would come. The doctors are blown away by the progress he has made in the past few weeks. Even though Jeremy is working very hard to get better, it seems that he gets down about the things he can't do sometimes. They tell us to keep talking to him, that you never know when something may catch him off guard and he may speak without even thinking about it.

Each day we learn more ways to have fun with Jeremy and help in his recovery at the same time. Even quiet time spent together practicing sounds, stretching or movements can be very rewarding. Hopefully we can keep the moments of frustration, anger and depression to a minimum with your prayers.

Thank you for your prayers. Jeremy will need them in the coming weeks and months. He knows he has a lot of work to do and we continue to tell him that people - lots of people are praying for him.

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