Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nov. 21

Hello all,
Jeremy came home yesterday from 10:30 to 4:30to have "Thanksgiving" together. Eric, Stephen, Kristen, and I were all here to hang out with him. It was quite the adventure moving him around the house and it helped us learn of a few places that will have to be improved to be wheelchair accessible before Jeremy can come home to live.

I haven't seen Jeremy since the weekend that he said his first word. It was so great to here Jeremy talk and tell you what he wanted. While everyone was sitting at the table eating Jeremy was also eating and trying to feed himself. Eric would put food in his spoon and hand it to Jeremy and he would put it in his mouth and then put the spoon back on his plate. We are trying to have Jeremy be as independent as he can be. Towards the end of the meal Jeremy said "Dad, Dad" and so we asked him what he wanted. The first time he said it it was very quite and mumbled, then when we asked him to slow down and say one word at a time he did great. He said "Dad can I have some of that stuff." That was a good start but then we had to help him remember what the "stuff" was called that he wanted. :)
Later that afternoon Jeremy and I were hanging out and he was trying to tell me something and I couldn't figure out what it was that he wanted. So Stephen came over and tried to help me, we thought of everything, but nothing was what he wanted. We went through, "Water" then it sounded like "Pepper" finally Stephen said can you spell it. Jeremy spelled out "Doctor" letter by letter. We asked him if he wanted a Doctor, he said no. Finally we figured it out. He wanted Dr. Pepper! It was so funny, Stephen asked him if he was just all of a sudden craving Dr. Pepper. He shook his head and laughed.
It was really nice having Jeremy at home and eating "Thanksgiving dinner" at the table with us.

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